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 Chronicle of Events

  In March 2008, <CHIC!Fashion>was born.
  In April 2008, <CHIC!Fashion> joined large e-magazine platforms.
  In June 2008, Completed PC platform universal coverage.
  In Mar.2009, <CHIC!Fashion>single phase broke through 1 million downloads!
  In Jun.2009, CHIC!Fashion magazine launched mobile phone edition, to fully support apple,
two system.
  In Oct.2009, Established Shanghai RainGee digital technology co., LTD.,
<CHIC!Fashion>domestic small endowment the first official on-line portal operation.
  In Nov.2009, <CHIC!Fashion>from monthly to semimonthly, launched a new
<CHIC!Fashion·Aesthesis> and <CHIC!Fashion·Lifestyle>.
  In Mar.2010, <CHIC!Fashion>single period downloads reached more than 3 million!
  In Apr.2010, <CHIC!Fashion>renamed<CHIC!ELEGANCE>
  In Aug.2010, <CHIC!ELEGANCE·Interview>official in Shanghai and chongqing IPTV.
  In Sep.2010, Television interview program<CHIC!ELEGANCE·Interview>landing IPTV TV
entertainment channel.
  In Jan.2011, blockbuster launch<CHIC!·Travel>The main publication single phase broke
through 6 million downloads!
  In Mar.2011, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>Joined ZINIO platform (the largest global retail network).
  In Mar.2011, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>TV program covers two line city bus mobile TV
and each big video portals.
  In Jul.2011, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>In Japan's largest electronic magazine SmartEBook platform.
  In Jan.2012, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>Single period reached more than 10 million downloads!
  In Jan.2012, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>iOS official application online.
  In Jun.2012, The magazine agency move to lujiazui business district Betwin creative
garden B8 building.
  In Aug.2012, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>Single period reached more than 12 million downloads!
  In Dec.2012, Chic Bookbar was completed.
  In Feb.2013, Chic portal website brand-new edition correction on-line.
  In Mar.2013, <CHIC!ELEGANCE>Published 100th installment. | Chic! Magazine | Chic! Video | Sina Weibo | Tencent Weibo
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