《CHIC!ELEGANCE·Interview》TV talkshow is by the CHIC!ELEGANCE Magazine is a homemade star interview program presented by Shanghai RainGee digital technology co., LTD.. program producers in the monthly 15th, 30th provide two stage interview program whose duration is 15 minutes while lasts 30 seconds. Stars that have been filmed include ZhangXinYi, ChenZhiPeng, ChenHe, SongJia, TaoHong, GaoShuGuang, QinHao, Yumiko, RenQuan, etc.

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《Influence》is a famous person in the dialogue between the columns, column with high influence and popularity of the characters of the dialogue between different perspectives, to interpret the social responsibility of the people from all walks of life, focusing on public welfare and social hot topics, which bring the audience a new understanding and comprehension.

《On the trip with stars》
The star with you swim column is a selling point to star, integrating domestic and international tourism and ChiZhuHang swim purchase entertainment as one, show different and exotic customs, culture and tourism life comprehensive tourism leisure programs.

《Business wisdom》
Every time two or three well-known figures are invited to discuss on related fields, through the guest fierce collision on business debates.

According to the brand products, it exclusively makes the small endowment dress class, such as "small property beauty class", "small property costume class”. Each professional column introduces five to ten minutes video content.

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Micro film
Cooperating with Hong Kong and Taiwan famous directors and actors, it writes for the star propaganda and interesting story scripts in view of the main star and shoots into micro movie.

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Shanghai RainGee digital technology co., LTD. Has a lot of TV programs on channels, including:
1, DragonTV, Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV and national television;
2, The Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces area television;
3,Three, two line city mobile television;
4, PC version of the dynamic pictorial magazine will embed video contents into interview pages;
5, video interview content embedded in magazine APP;
6, The corresponding video cooperation website: CNTV, youku, potatoes, cool 6, tencent video, thunderbolt look, odd art nets, del piero nets, phoenix, network, etc;
7, Each television program in magazines has 6-8 p layout.
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