·Operations Department - Product Manager (2) ·Operations Department - Web Editor (2)
·Sales Department - Advertising Sales (3) ·Design Department - Graphic Designer (2)
·Design Department - Art editor/Interns (2) ·Marketing Department - Activity Planning (1)
·Marketing Department -
Activity Mplementation/Interns (2)
·Editorial Department - Magazine Editor (2)
·Editorial Department - Fashion editor/Interns (2) ·Editorial Department - Beauty Editor/interns (2)


Operations Department - Product Manager (2)

Job description:
1, According to the company strategy, responsible for designing company's web site, mobile terminal and other products and the market success;
2, Study business fashion sites, mobile terminal development opportunities, the user demand, market demand and business needs analysis and research, continuously optimize products, improve product quality, improve customer satisfaction;
3, Product prophase research, planning and design, write related documentation; To be able to use the prototype design tools, and have certain processing experience in Visual, interactive ways ;
4, Assist in developing, testing team to understand and grasp the demand, control the process of related product development project development operation;
5, Set up product data analysis system for users to conduct digital analysis; Customer feedback to follow up and research; And find out from the total product optimization scheme.

1, 3 years working experience in product line, a successful leading product design and market experience. (or 1 year fashion products design experience, etc.);
2, Familiar with the Internet product whole process, including from requirements analysis to product launch;
3, Good quantitative analysis ability and rigorous logic thinking;
4, Executive capability is strong, good at organizing and coordinating, and promoting the project progress; Have good communication skills and team cooperation spirit, holding stress ability is stronger;
5, Such as a program technology skill is preferred; A complete fashion site, client experience is preferred.



Operations Department - Web Editor (2)

Job description:
1. Responsible for the daily update web site, be responsible for the content of the website channel information collecting checking, standardization, integration and editing, and updates the online;
2. Responsible for the planning, production, maintenance of website related project, management and maintenance, and improve the community website functions to enhance user experience;
3. Collection, research and dealing with the user's comments and feedback information, organizing the community promotion activities and writing within related industry;
4. Responsible for website related activities planning and promotion;
5. Responsible for new channel and program planning, site work, complete the channel management and program development planning, and promote the improvement of website popularity;
6. According to the overall direction of web development, planning and constructing are responsible for columns;
7. Responsible for the official blog, micro blog, micro letter and interactive content updates.

1. Have a certain computer and network application knowledge;
2. Have a certain news collection and the news content, title processing ability;
3. Have certain innovation, planning ability;
4. Have the website optimization and website promotion ability.



Sales Department - Advertising Sales (3)

Job description:
1, Develop customers, then visit for cooperation;
2, Understand and find the Internet advertising and industry development trend;
3, sales strategy, sales plan, and quantitative sales targets;
4, According to customer needs, fit for the advertisement promotion plan, and schedule according to the advertising plan;
5, Through the text or graphics, express ideas, complete the demand;
Note: not advertising creative planning or simple document writing.

1, Are advertising company work experience is preferred;
2, Dare to challenge high salary challenge yourself, confident and optimistic, with good communication skills ability;
3, love sales work; dedicated, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, persistent, desperate to success;
4, Have good communication skills, sales ideas, negotiation skills, strong execution and learning ability;
5, Smart thought, smart reaction, a strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure.



Design Department - Graphic Designer (2)

Job description:
1, Knowing the plane design operation flow, have rich space imagination and innovation ability, have the plane advertising creative ability, integrated design ability, and creative;
2, If necessary, must cooperate with business departments to complete customer interview. The design of the main items for: enterprise CIS, graphic advertising, POP, magazines and books, public relations activities, etc.;
3, Responsible for the whole style of the website, implementation of details guidance, the formulation of the total design direction;
4, Website involves channel revision, company cooperation projects, such as an important project of the construction of the online design support.

1, Have certain artistic accomplishment, the design has a unique opinion, have mature design concept, rich design experience, have a keen insights and expression;
3, Have high plane design level, quick thinking, influential designing, and has a good ability of expression, talk clear;
4, Able to skillfully use all kinds of graphic design softwares (Photoshop, CorelDraw, illustrator, etc.);
5, Good professional morality, strong design innovation ability and high work efficiency; Serious and responsible worker, careful, with enterprising spirit and team spirit.



Design Department - Art editor/Interns (2)

Job description:
1, Responsible for part of the fine arts editing of the magazine affairs;
2,Rresponsible for the supplement of graphic design work.

1, No limitation for age and gender, educational background;
2, Have an independent work (please provide web site, or bring works to interview);
3, With art strength, good aesthetic view and innovation ability, good design creative ability;
4, Good at web colour collocation and page layout, eyes open, acute, original, accurate colour master;
5, Have good team cooperation spirit, have strong ability of self-study and hardworking, strong sense of responsibility.



Marketing Department - Activity Planning (1)

Job description:
1, Responsible for the magazine online and offline each projects (cultural activities, business exhibitions, etc.) of related field activities planning and implementation;
2, Maintain good media relations, to create a good media environment;
3, Actively develop and maintain customer (investors, sponsors, advertisers, etc.) resources.

1, Passionate, no limitation on educational background;
2, 3 years of public relations, advertising company AE work experience, have work experience from the earlier planning proposal to the medium-term activity implementation and the integrity of the project evaluation afterwards;
3. Have basic writing skills,able to skillfully use software such as Porwerpoint and qualified for independent production, event planning scheme and proposal statement;
4. Familiar with the activities of the characteristics and operation process, have a certain understanding on the audio and video, lighting and stage equipment, help work out suitable equipment scheme for activities, and simple control of equipments;
5. Have resources of Activities suppliers and the mainstream media, effectively control the cost of the project implementation, and ensure the media coverage rate;
6. Able to advise on propaganda and relevant files based on activities;
7. Good submissiveness, strong understanding ability and agile capacity;
8. The capability of solving problems independently Within time settled, work under high pressure.



Marketing Department - Activity Mplementation/Interns (2)

Job description:
1, Activity site control, planning and arrangement;
2, After-activity report and implementation.

1, Passionate, no limitation on educational background;
2, Have certain activities planning and coordination skills;
3, Have certain activity implementation with resources;
4, Have rich site management experience, timely handling the sudden situation;
5, Strong interpersonal communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and team cooperation spirit, steadfast efforts.



Editorial Department - Magazine Editor (2)

Job description:
1, Responsible for the magazine relevant column content development;
2, Responsible for star interviewing narrator writing;
3, Responsible for the blog channel update, maintenance;
4, Responsible for writing the articles, able to undertake all kinds of media activity report work;
5, Responsible for micro movie tracking report.

1, Love the media industry, passionate;
2, Fluent writing, write independently, keen ability on fashion information;
3, Familiar with blog, blog writing experience is preferred;
4,Hhardworking, active, strong team cooperation ability.



Editorial Department - Fashion editor/Interns (2)

Job description:
1, Responsible for fashion channel content release, editing;
2, Responsible for large fashion project planning production;
3, Responsible for brand cooperations and activities of organizations.

1,Nno limitation for age, gender or educational background;
2, Pay attention to fashion, familiar with the fashion industry, have the ability to plan, organize the activities;
3, Able to bear high pressure work, earnestly is responsible to the work, strong executive ability, team cooperation spirit.



Editorial Department - Beauty Editor/interns (2)

Job description:
1, Responsible for beauty channel content release, editing;
2, Responsible for large beauty project planning production;
3, Rresponsible for brand cooperations and activities of organizations.

1, No limitation for age, gender or educational background;
2,Ffamiliar with the beauty industry, understanding of the relevant professional knowledge, and good relationships with big beauty brands;
3, Able to bear high pressure work, responsible, strong executive ability, team cooperation spirit;
4, Fluent writing, solid writing skills, project planning ability.

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